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The Best Grease Tracking System for Compliance

Why would anyone care about the best grease tracking system? UCO collectors should care because without collecting detailed data from their UCO pickups you may not be able to sell your oil and even if you do, you’ll likely get a much lower price for it. If the biodiesel producer you’re selling to doesn’t have access to “material source” records of the UCO they buy and refine into fuel, then they can’t claim government credits making the oil less valuable to them.

The Need for a Grease Tracking System

The LCFS (low carbon fuel standard program) created by the California Air Resources Board (CARB) is the driving regulation that governs the rules that biodiesel producers have to comply with. Biodiesel producers in turn implement data capture rules with which UCO collectors have to comply, if the biodiesel producer is to buy their oil. You can be audited at any time. Audits are happening out west and are becoming more common. Fail one and you could be in trouble.

This complex system of credits and regulations (detailed here) gives rise to something called cradle to grave carbon intensity tracking, which means a UCO collector has to collect and maintain records for every UCO pickup the company makes. You must be ready to transmit this information for every pickup your drivers make and every load you sell. A grease tracking system lets you do this. 

What Data Does a UCO Collector Need to Collect?

Under the CARB LCFS standard, you must maintain data for every pickup you make which includes:

  • Date and time of UCO pickup
  • Name and address where grease was obtained
  • Amount of oil collected (lbs or gals)
  • Name of the driver
  • Name and address of where grease was delivered

Doing this on a spreadsheet or recording every pickup on paper is time-prohibitive at best, and inaccurate and prone to data loss at worst.

Reiter Software: The Best Grease Tracking System

Reiter Software’s COST system provides every detail needed for cradle to grave tracking compliance by a UCO collector.

The system integrates your grease pickup records right into a customer relationship management (CRM) tool. Your client’s name, address and container type are already loaded into the system. When a driver arrives at the stop on the route, the software prompts them to enter how many gallons they extracted from the facility. The date and time of the pickup are recorded automatically. At the end of the day, you can track where each and every gallon of oil in your truck came from. If your buyer needs those records for an audit, they’re just a click away. 

This makes cradle to grave tracking a breeze for UCO collectors using Reiter Software. Make sure you can get top dollar for the UCO you sell. Reiter Software’s COST system is the best grease tracking system for UCO collectors.

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