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Route Optimization

Our C.O.S.T.™ software updates routes in real time to choose the best routes for your outbound service trucks. By optimizing your outbound service routes your drivers will spend less time in traffic and more time taking care of your clients. You’ll save money in both fuel and operational costs.

The END of Duplicate Data Entry

Eliminate the need for taking paper notes! Our C.O.S.T.™ software will eliminate duplicated data entries to keep your routes and company running more efficiently. Your operations will run more efficiently, your data will be accurate, organized, backed up and secure.

Reduce Fuel Costs

Optimizing your routes to restaurants means finding the shortest route times, avoiding traffic and accidents, to reduce the money you spend on fuel and vehicle maintenance. C.O.S.T.™ Software really does save you time and money – more money than it actually “C.O.S.T.s”

Guaranteed Data Security

We know your used cooking oil collection data is valuable and critical to your operations; with this in mind, our C.O.S.T.™ Software is regularly backed up and fully encrypted by commercial-grade Amazon servers to ensure reliability. We never share or sell customer data to outside sources.

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