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How to Collect More Used Cooking Oil

(without spending all your time on the road)

The problem of how to collect more used cooking oil is a variation on the very familiar shortest route problem

In the shortest route problem, one minimizes the miles driven while hitting all the points in a network of cities. But to collect more used cooking oil, companies need to minimize the miles driven and time spent while maximizing the volume of oil collected. In order to solve the problem of how to collect more used cooking oil one has to know not only the location of the UCO but how much oil is there.

Most greasers have a fixed route that they follow regularly. This may solve the shortest route problem but it DOES NOT maximize the volume of oil collected nor maximize profits. Think of it like this: 

Collecting Used Cooking Oil is like Collecting Cash

There are 5 covered boxes in a gymnasium numbered 1 to 5. Each can contains a different amount of cash -somewhere between $0 and $50 in each can.  You are charged with getting the greatest amount of money into a bag within 20 seconds. How would you do it?

You would run as fast as you could from can to can emptying cash into a bag. If you saw very little cash in a box would you run to the next one? Probably.  You would collect some money in 20 seconds but you would leave a lot of cash behind!

But what if someone had given you a list of the boxes which told you how much money was in each one?  How would you go about collecting your cash (or used cooking oil)?

You would, of course, scan the list looking for the cans with the largest amount of cash. You might run to the can with the most cash, then the next can with the most cash and so forth. Not a bad strategy. But what if the can with the most cash was on the opposite side of the gym from the can with the 2nd most cash? Not so efficient. 

Now you would probably scan the list for the nearest cans with a good amount of cash and hit those before crossing the gymnasium. You get it. Knowing how much cash is in each can changes everything!

This is what Reiter Software does for you. It tells you when your accounts are likely to fill up, so you pick up the most UCO, providing you with the most cash. It’ll even give you turn-by-turn navigation to help you get there. It is called fill rate tracking and route optimization. 

Reiter software maximizes your UCO(cash) while minimizing your time and mileage.

This is a must-have for every UCO collector trying to grow their business.

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