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How Reiter Software Makes Used Cooking Oil Collection Easier

Reiter Software makes the used cooking oil collector’s job easier in 3 BIG ways. First, our proprietary internal analytics help managers build much more efficient routes. Second, the platform reduces paperwork and ensures compliance with State and Federal recordkeeping requirements. Finally, it reduces paperwork for regulatory compliance and back-office staff. In short, the Reiter platform transforms your used cooking oil collection business.

Drivers Collect More Oil in Less Time

What are your goals as the manager of UCO drivers? How do you make collection routes as efficient as possible while meeting the expectations of customers who need you there before their grease containers overflow? Does driving the same route on the same day each week or month accomplish that? Probably not. Yet, this is the way that most UCO collectors operate.

Reiter Software makes the used cooking oil collector’s job easier by monitoring and analyzing collection data to provide you with the information you need to plan more efficient routes. Rather than basing routes on what’s “seems right at first glance”, the software forecasts how full each customer’s oil container should be, weeks into the future, and then provides the user with the custom built route optimization tools necessary to accommodate the needs of the Used Cooking Oil and Grease Trap industries. 

When operating at peak efficiency, routes can change daily based on your company’s and your clients’ needs. Suppose that the efficiency of each driver can be increased by 25%. This frees up assets and employees to handle future growth without the need to immediately purchase additional high dollar pumper trucks.

Reiter software is not simply route mapping software. Truck routing software minimizes the miles driven which does little for profits. Reiter Software reduces your time on the road, but it does so by helping you service clients at the right time. Not too often, not too seldom, but just right. Clients are happy, and your business can grow. 

Supervise Drivers in Real Time

A client calls and needs an emergency service. How do you decide who to send? Call all your drivers and see who’s closest to the restaurant or almost done with his or her route? What if they’re busy pumping and don’t pick up? Your client needs an answer. Reiter Software lets you see where your drivers are in real time so you can tell your client that someone is on the way and exactly how long it’ll take them to get there.

At each stop, the driver enters valuable information. That data is immediately available to the ops manager, giving them real-time insights into the day’s collections. You’ll know how much oil a driver collected at each individual stop or if unexpected traffic delays interrupted a driver’s route. 

In the era of The Great Resignation, drivers are hard to find. And finding drivers to hire is only half the battle.It takes time and resources to train a driver before he or she becomes productive.  Reiter Software cuts down training time so your driver brings in profits sooner and you dedicate time and resources to growth. With a tablet in hand, the driver has dynamic turn-by-turn routing right with them in the truck. Dedicated training time can be limited to customer service and safety protocol. No need to memorize maps. With the real-time oversight, you can be confident that your driver is on track and that you’ll know if he or she falls behind and needs support. 

Real-time oversight is just one more benefit Reiter Software provides beyond basic route mapping.

UCO and Grease Trap Files at Your Fingertips 

There’s a lot of paperwork involved in used cooking oil collection and grease trap maintenance, including invoices, receipts, LCFS compliance documents, service records, client locations and contact information. Reiter software keeps all of the information you need in one place. The driver enters the amount of oil collected on his or her tablet. Reiter software automatically records the time, place and address of the pickup for LCFS cradle to grave carbon use tracking. All of that information is stored in the cloud and made accessible to anyone in the company with approved access.

The customer service representative has access to all of this information and can instantly provide reports to a buyer who requires documentation of a load, or a restaurant that is facing a visit from the health department. 

Time savings for back-office staff is an important, and often overlooked, benefit of Reiter Software.

Save Time, Save Money, Collect More Oil

Maximizing collection capacity through driver productivity, saving ops managers hours through rapid on-boarding of drivers, and improving record-keeping efficiency are only a few ways that Reiter Software can help you position your company for explosive growth.

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