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UCO Collection- Manage Drivers for Improved Profits

How to Manage Drivers for Improved Profits

Talk to any C-suite executive and they will tell you their number one challenge is managing people. UCO collectors can manage drivers for improved profits by using the right tools to onboard and manage their drivers for peak productivity.

Without the right software tools, training a new driver and getting him up to speed is a long, expensive and arduous process. With the right software tools UCO drivers come up to speed quickly, which improves productivity, and gives management flexibility in assigning routes.

So, what tools are we referring to that help a UCO collector manage drivers for improved profits? 

Tools to Manage Driver Productivity

Reiter software allows a manager or driver to build a route based on the locations built into the system and their projected fill rates. Then, the system GPS creates a turn by turn route to direct the driver to each location. On day 1 the driver can cover the route and hit the locations with the most UCO. No having to learn the route by heart or stop at locations with little or no oil or waste time entering addresses into a GPS.

Secondly, at each stop the driver records the gallons pumped, based on the type of container, and can electronically produce an invoice and payment (rebate). The system automatically records the date, time, location and number of gallons pumped, creating an all-important manifest and record for future audits. (More about this in another blog.)

The Operations Manager can see remotely, in real-time, each stop the driver has made, when he made it and how much oil was collected.  The manager can dynamically change the route if conditions warrant.  The Ops manager knows where his drivers are, how much oil they have collected, if there are any unexplained time gaps.  He also knows how much oil that truck should return with and when it will return. The operations manager has his finger on the pulse of the entire business and the performance of each driver.

Manage Driver Productivity -GPS Map
Ops Manager View Reiter Software for UCO Collectors

Instead of weeks to get a driver up to full productivity it takes only days. With Reiter Software for UCO collectors, the operations manager can assign drivers to unfamiliar routes with little or no loss of productivity.

The Bottom Line on Managing Drivers for Productivity

The net result is that drivers become proficient quickly, routes are covered for peak efficiency, the maximum volume gets collected and profits soar. All of this comes as a result of the UCO collectors software tools from Reiter Software. Once you’ve tried it you will never be without it

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