Customizable Cooking Oil Collection Software You’ve Been Asking For!

For years, we scoured the internet, waiting for someone to build software that could help our partners manage their used cooking oil collection businesses. Eventually, we realized that we knew the business better than anyone so the only way to get all the features we wanted would be to build it ourselves and make it customizable for other cooking oil collectors.

Our Cooking Oil Collection Tier (C.O.S.T.)™ software is intentionally built with a single goal in mind: making your collection routes run as smoothly as possible. We worked with a worldwide network of collectors so we could design features to meet this goal.

Customizable Route Planning

But we know that every company is different, and we’ve designed our software to be customizable to your business. Do you have accounts that require service only in a specific time window? Our software can take that into account. Do your routes and volumes change with the seasons? You can program that in. You’re in total control.

With our customizable cooking oil collection software, your routes will run smoother than ever. Therefore, you’ll save time, money, and stress.  C.O.S.T.™ is easy to use and takes care of stressful and time-consuming administrative tasks. Plus, you’ll have a truly powerful asset to help your company run smoother than ever while decreasing operation costs and increasing profits. If you ever need assistance, our customer service team is always available to answer questions, preventing service delays.

Updates Based on Your Feedback

C.O.S.T.™ Software depends on you, the user, for feedback and future updates that helps our software progress with the current needs of the industry. Let us help you maximize the efficiency of your used cooking oil collection business. Download and view our PDF below and give us a call at (888) 428-5617 with any questions or to start your free trial!

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