used oil collection business more efficient

7 ways to accelerate profits in your used oil collection business

Every business in every industry must become more efficient every year to stay ahead of its  competitors. Making a used oil collection business more efficient requires software that guides employees to achieve that efficiency.

Computerization of the Used Oil Collection Business

Computers and software have been making businesses more efficient since the 1950s. The used cooking oil collection business has been late to the party automating their operations, and growing their revenues without growing their costs. As the industry consolidates and bigger players get even bigger, they absorb the smaller, less efficient players; it’s obvious that to continue growing profits a UCO collector must operate better, faster and cheaper. 

To make a used oil collection business more efficient an owner has to collect more oil, in less time, at a lower cost. But every year trucks get more expensive, rent goes up, salaries increase, benefits escalate, fuel jumps. If you can’t save on equipment, facilities and salaries, you need to collect more oil in less time, reduce administrative overhead and increase the productivity of staff–drivers and admin. That’s a tall order. 

Reiter’s software can help. It can help you collect more UCO with the same staff and trucks you already have. More UCO=more profit, without having to buy new equipment and hire new staff.

Software for the Used Cooking Oil Collection Business

Reiter Software does 7 things to help you grow your revenues without growing your costs at the same rate.


Helps Create Routes

Reiter software guides the creation of routes to minimize miles you drive and maximize the volume of oil you collect

Reduces Paperwork
Reiter software  records the details of each pickup–address, business name, time, date, gallons collected–essential details to remain compliant with state regulations and CARB-LCFS standards. Carbon use tracking helps you get top dollar for your oil.

Monitors Trucks and Drivers

Reiter Software allows managers to monitor drivers, their locations, volumes collected, time spent and dynamically alter routes.

Streamlines accounting and bookkeeping

Reiter Software provides accounting interfaces for accounting and tax preparation.

Reduces Burden of Rebate Payments

Reiter Software automates accounts payable for the preparation and payment of rebates.

Provides Electronic Record Access to Clients

Reiter Software provides clients easy access to records to meet their regulatory obligations for grease trap cleaning.

Makes Sales People More Productive

Reiter Software makes salespeople more efficient with lead tracking, sales assignments, reporting and follow-up

Imagine the benefits gained amongst drivers, operations staff, financial staff, sales and customer service if Reiter Software is fully implemented.

Using Reiter Software Grows Revenues Faster than Costs

If a 5 person-5 truck company produces revenues of $2MM, with expenses of $1.34MM then the profit is $670,000 or 33% profit to revenues. Without the software, the expenses grow at the same rate as revenues. With Reiter Software the company can grow more without increasing expenses, perhaps 25% more.

Current $50 % Growth (no management software)75% Growth (with management software)
Pre tax profit670,000990,0001,490,000
% profit/revenue33%33%
48% increased profit
122% increased profit

That’s $500,000 of additional profit!

used oil collection business more efficient
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